Saskatchewan People —

Making a World of Difference

The Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation (SCIC) is an umbrella organization that represents a diverse range of international development organizations. Global Poverty is a major global issue to Saskatchewan people, and SCIC is proud of the work our member agencies do to make the world more just.

SCIC administers the Saskatchewan Matching Grants in Aid Program which matches private fundraising in Saskatchewan with money from both the provincial and federal governments. This program has provided more than $350 million in support of 2,000 development projects in over 100 countries over the past 35 years. SCIC also undertakes development education and public engagement programming around international issues with funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, the Government of Saskatchewan, and our members and donors. Examples of how SCIC engages Saskatchewan people on global justice issues include:

  • The Global Citizenship Education Program for teachers and youth;
  • Public engagement and information events and campaigns;
  • Publications and communications including newsletters, the Global Action Calendar, social media;
  • Ongoing promotion and capacity building for our members’ international cooperation and development programs;
  • Working with other organizations, government, and citizens to build momentum for a more just and sustainable world.