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Global Citizenship Education Program

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If you are an educator looking to engage your students as active citizens, and to support them in becoming locally and globally aware about international or environmental issues, SCIC’s Global Citizenship Education program has many opportunities and resources for you!

SCIC offers a collection of free modules, lesson plans and other classroom activities that meet Saskatchewan curriculum outcomes and indicators. These resources deal with a range of issues including: food insecurity, HIV/AIDS, globalization, child and maternal health, child labour, child soldiers, human rights, climate change, mining, permaculture, poverty, microfinance, gender, and sustainability.

Why Global Citizenship Education?

In this globalized world, the challenges that face humanity are increasingly global in scope and therefore require global solutions. This has significant implications for K to 12 teachers, teacher-educators, and curriculum developers, who are responsible for educating the next generation of global citizens to rise to the challenge.

In order to move humanity towards sustainable, peaceful solutions to global challenges, schools need to prepare students to become critically informed, motivated, globally competent citizens with social problem solving skills and a willingness to challenge misinformation and government inaction.

Through global citizenship education, educators can support the development of 21st century citizens that internalize the values, master the skills, acquire the knowledge, and experience the sense of empowerment needed to tackle these challenges.

What is Global Citizenship Education?

Below are some resources and tools to better understand the role of Global Citizenship Education in Saskatchewan schools