Global Citizenship Education Modules

SCIC’s Global Citizenship Education Modules are a series of educational resources to support global education learning outcomes for Saskatchewan middle years and secondary classrooms (grades 6-12).

They are designed to be accessible for all global educators, whether experienced or beginning. Teachers may enter, exit and re-enter at any place within the module, choosing to do one activity, or the entire module. Each lesson is matched with Saskatchewan provincial curriculum learning outcomes for specific grade levels.

Module 1:

Transforming Charity into Solidarity and Justice

Module 1 was created to address the gap in resources dealing with issues of charity, justice, and solidarity. It focuses on increasing knowledge about global issues, building values of empathy and compassion, and equipping students with the skills they need to take action.

Preview  |  Lessons: 5  |  Pages: 62  |  Topics: Charity, Justice, Solidarity, Poverty, Worldview, Global Citizenship, Human Rights

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Module 2:

Understanding Power and Privilege through

Module 2 addresses the gap in educator resources that deal with power and privilege, and that explore the complex global issues facing humanity today through the lens of anti-oppression, anti-racism, decolonization, root causes of poverty, and environmental sustainability. It focuses on increasing students’ understanding of how power and privilege impact people differently, and on building students’ capacity to recognize, analyze and challenge discrimination, and to work collectively in solidarity with people who are different from themselves.

Preview  |  Lessons: 10  |  Pages: 105  |  Topics: Oppression, Anti-oppression, Power, Privilege, Authority, Colonization, Indigenous Peoples, Poverty, Justice, Injustice, Dominance, Racism, Sexism, Identity, Global Citizenship

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