Public Engagement Small Projects Funding

Through SCIC’s Public Engagement Small Projects Fund, all organizational members are eligible to apply for up to $1,000 to support activities and projects that engage the Saskatchewan public on global issues.

Forms and Documents:

For further information about SCIC’s funding programs, please contact Denise MacDonald, Member Services Officer at dmacdonald [at] or 306.757.4669.

Improve the impact of your public engagement events and activities with

We encourage all members applying for the PESP fund to explore the resources contained in The Global Hive, our free, bilingual, innovative online toolkit featuring tools, case studies, and best practices for effectively engaging the public in global issues:

Explore: Global Hive: Tools for Engaging Global Citizens


Notice to members RE: Cancellation of Matching Grants in Aid (MGAP) and Saskatchewan Emergency Assistance Program (SEAP) funding:

In 2016, The Government of Saskatchewan ended its 42-year partnership with SCIC to fund the Saskatchewan Matching Grants in Aid Program. The MGAP was founded as a partnership between Saskatchewan citizens and the Provincial Government to leverage more funds for global cooperation, justice and peace.

Annually from 1974 to 2016, the Government of Saskatchewan contributed funding to match Saskatchewan citizens’ donations towards SCIC members for their work in education, health, food security, and community development projects, as well as emergency assistance that met the needs of disaster victims around the world. Over the program’s 42 years, the Province contributed $28 million, while Saskatchewan citizens contributed $228 million.