Reports & Research

SCIC often undertakes research projects in order to better understand the sector in Saskatchewan and across Canada, to assist our members in their work, and to support the efforts of Saskatchewan people to make a difference at home and abroad. Below are some recent projects that SCIC has been involved in. Much of this research has been done collaboratively with our partners through the Inter-Council Network.

Designing a Better Future: Lessons Learned from the First Call for Preliminary Proposals for SMOs for Impact & Innovation (2019)

Summary: In December 2018, the Inter-Council Network and CCIC conducted a survey to gather feedback on from Small and Medium Sized Organizations (SMOs) that applied (or considered applying) to the first call for preliminary proposals by Global Affairs Canada for SMOs targeting impact and innovation. In total, 196 small and medium-sized organizations applied to this call, totaling $280 million in funds requested – ten times the established funding envelope for this first call – indicating the great interest and demand for financing for the sector. This report presents the results of a survey and offers concrete recommendations for upcoming calls based on feedback gathered on the process to-date.

Read the Report

Submissions to Government of Canada Consultations (2016)

Consultation on the Political Activities of Charities – Canada Revenue Agency

Summary: This submission is based on data from a joint survey conducted by the ICN and CCIC. It sets out 4 overarching recommendations that highlight the important policy work done by charities and the unique challenges that the current regulations impose on Small and Medium-Sized Organizations (SMOs) as well as charities that work internationally. The report responds with specific recommendations to the consultation questions outlined by the CRA. Read the Submission.

International Assistance Review – Global Affairs Canada

Summary: This submission collects recommendations from nearly 400 organizations and a total of 859 individuals from across Canada. The report sets out ten overarching recommendations for Canada’s approach to international cooperation and international assistance. The remainder of the report is structured around the six pillars in the International Assistance Review, and includes a series of recommendations responding to questions outlined in Global Affairs Canada’s discussion paper. Read the Submission.

Small and Medium-Sized Canadian Civil Society Organizations as Development Actors: A Review of Evidence (2016)

Summary: A study on SMOs: their operations, funding, and impact. Small and medium-sized organizations (SMOs) play a crucial role in international development and public engagement across Canada. Specialized, well-connected, and flexible, SMOs directly reach and engage with Canadians. They operate in our cities and communities. Their impact stretches beyond our borders and into the poorest countries in the world. This study considers the value and contributions of small and medium-sized Canadian civil society organizations in their role as development actors. Learn More

Global Citizenship in the Classroom: A Review of Saskatchewan Schools (2016)

Summary: The intent of this study is to find the current situation of Global Citizenship Education (GCE) in Saskatchewan schools and compare it to a 1988 study by SCIC. Preliminary results of Phase 1 suggest that while the term GCE is not commonly used or understood, the goals of GCE are being taught by individual teachers who are interested in the topics. However, more needs to be done to support Saskatchewan educators with GCE resources, training, and formal education. Learn More


Canadian Perspectives on International Development (2015)

Summary: This public opinion poll was commissioned in order to gain an understanding of Canadians’ knowledge of, opinions on and engagement in global poverty issues. The findings demonstrate that the majority of Canadians are aware of and concerned about global poverty, and that Canadians want their country to play a leadership role in improving health, education and economic opportunities for citizens of the world’s poorest countries. Learn More

Public Engagement Effectiveness in Canada (2011-2014)

Summary: This three-year national research project was designed in order to better understand the capacity building and public engagement (PE) needs Canadian organizations, and to share tools and resources to improve public engagement for active global citizenship in Canada. The project included surveys, polls, context analysis, and interviews with Canadians working in public engagement in order to develop a practical toolkit of best practices and resources. View Reports and Outcomes.